LUTON POETRY SOCIETY - "Bringing Poetry To Life"

Founder - Mary Emeji (Luton Poet Laureate)

"Stars" poems written by our members for National Poetry Day 2012

FIRST CAUSE – Alan Rainer


In my search for infinity, I found space.

When I look for eternity, I found time.

When I prayed to find paradise,

To find you, Lord, was a surprise.


It is not the big questions, philosophy and science,

Nor in commerce, industry and the daily graft

Nor in the troubles, frets and anxieties

But in those acts of kindness that please.


In those moments when we think of each other:

When we stop and reflect on who we are,

When we realise that life is not just for living –

The soul is nourished by contemplation and giving.


Those moments of silent wonder as we look beyond –

The stars, the sea, the mountains and the sky,

We become one with the universe

And find you are the wonder of the why?




GREAT STARS - John Adedeji 


I love the stars that shine so bright

When I look at the sky at night

Their shining bodies look so great

You just have to appreciate.

But what is in those shiny stars?

I wonder as I look from far

They seem to contain so much power

But can only be seen in the late hour.

Stars make a picture in the sky

As we raise our eyes up on high

Their twinkling shapes are a delight

When viewing them deep in the night.

Sometimes it seems they’re there to guide us

At other times they could surprise us

We’re learning more about them, though

We know they’re not just there for show.

Let us celebrate the stars

The majesty of what they are

The wonderful visions from above

Those little lights we all can love.

They sparkle brightly in the sky

Can it be true they’re really high?

But let’s give three cheers for the stars

And marvel at them from afar.





Somewhere across the seashore

Before the daylight came,

I felt a flicker in the sky

Shimmering on my terrain;

Could it be a star

Warming up my soul?

I didn't see the star

But I loved you so.

It was crispy cold that February morn,

I felt a new glow on my supple skin,

Calmness within - a silent sound

Till the sunlit sky faded-in;

Could it be a star

Leaving me all alone?

I didn't see the star,

But I loved you so.

Pure and divine was the mystery

Of your brief presence - my inmost thrill;

Though Spring had come on April's day,

Your light grew dim, dark, then dazzled still.

Could it be a star

Leading me as I go?

I'll someday see the star,

And forever love you so.






The extraordinary star:

Our Lord creaks open Eternity's gates,

His sceptre strikes a blazing star,

And Grace rains on our fallen state.


Foul forces soon summon dark resistance;

To a demon the Edomites soul is sold,

Pagan's sight the Light's existence,

As Balaam's oracle in Numbers foretold.


To kill the Owl born in deserted den.

Unconscious realms of Joseph save again.

Weep! As infant blood drowns Old Bethlehem.

Hosea's claim justifies Israel's same birth pains.


How extraordinary the true star should be,

A poor asylum seeking refuge.




*MY STAR* - Tonny Sammy


Oh how you stand out

Especially when you move about

I like how you shine

And want you to be mine


Oh how you stand out

No whispers no shout

As you lay without a sound

It’s me you astound


Oh how you stand out

You never fade out

How wonderful to be called a star

And how wonderful you are


Oh how you stand out

How many I cannot count

Please come tonight

And light up the night




STARS – Sue Blain


Lights in the night,

Patterns in the sky,

Planets and the distant suns

Guiding us

On our journeys.

Attracting us,

Affecting our lives.


Always there,

Visible only as

We turn away

From our greatest star.

Illuminating the darkness,

Reflecting its light.


Even in darkness there is light.

Never in complete darkness,

Always the light,

Universal light.




STAR FLOWERS – J.S. Watts    


A thousand bright stars scattered

across the meadow’s grass,

twinkling white in the depth of the green.

A field of night spread across the sky

sprinkled with clover suns,

small midnight blooms.


I fall asleep

inhaling starlight.





My heart missed a beat with excitement whilst watching the falling stars

Flashing, flashing through the cold night and beaming with excitement

Stars everywhere like spawning trout

Of a dusty mountain stream


Reflecting off a pool of rainbow trout playing happily through the spring

Gliding and sliding the water

Playing in and out of the starry limpid sky

Wild and carefree

The rainbow trout shimmer from side to side


My heart was full of excitement when the fish darted off

Splashing in a wild abandonment

Showing their crimson sides

In their shimmering school


Beautiful brown rocks in the muddy pool

High cascading waterfalls in the depth of the dark pool      

I used my fishing rod and cast it

But I caught a mighty laughter in my dreams  


I tossed and turned and there was the Milky Way

Twinkling with a fire fly

I cast my fishing rod as the line was yet to been seen

One big tug and a spool of rainbow trout handing tight


As I pulled the hook bounced back in a thunderous recall

The sea trembled like an earthquake

With the shock of the trembling sea a few trout were hanging still

On the rod their silver fin shiver and quiver

 A drizzle of silver rain was on my face  


My fishing rod was bent 

When they tried to escape from the pain of being caught 

My body was bursting with pain

Tingling, excitement as fishing was not the one for me

Because to know how to handle stars you need to be more subtle

With a delicate tackle and a crafty, but skilful hand than mine!



STARS – Sylvia Jeffers

The stars in the sky, shine better in the nite.

The stars that I read make me feel my future is bright.

The stars that are celebrities that we live and breathe.

Denzel’s is the only one that star struck me.


It was the stars in your eyes that made me leave Mitcham for Luton bound.

The star lust was there or was that me been starry eyed?

I now look for the sparkle that made me Luton bound.

I fear that sparkle can no longer be found.





I am a star,

You wish upon me on a sullen night,
Eyes closed, breathing the evening light,
Holding out your hands to my tender shimmer;
Like a ray of crystals, your skin starts to glimmer.

It’s a lustrous romance across the constellations

As you encounter my luminosity without limitations,
The fiery passion seeping through your eyes
Assures me my twinkle will ever suffice.

You awake or perhaps now you fall asleep!

Think you this a dream when I am yours to keep?
A diamond in hand is worth less than crystal desired,
So you place me in a box of antiques retired.

Teardrops from a fallen star tell not a winter tale,

Neglected and curtailed, my gleam turns pale;
But now I arise to engulf you within -
Electrify your mind and simmer up your skin.

I'm your secret wonder that cannot be forgotten:

Infuse me, diffuse me, you've got the button -
I'll be your shimmer or blaze at dark!
Didn't you know I sparkle and spark?



ANGEL DUST – Patricia J. Morris

racing downwards
no longer anchored by faith

This streak of impure light

holds rapture
as it hurtles towards normality

The bright, white ball

rages with unholy fire
as it charges to its own destruction

They say

the hardest part of falling
is landing

They are wrong

The hardest part of falling
is knowledge


you have left behind
beauty and serenity
and are sliding
towards a death
that isn’t really death at all


that once passed the ledge
there is no breaking
or bracing
only tumbling, tumbling
and further down
into a hell you must create
and call it life

joy is no longer an absolute
but must be fought for
with grit and tears and heartbreak
then lost or discarded
again and again

Shooting stars

burn brightest before their descent
shine brightly only whilst in the heavens
then crash land
into dust

As dust we are

and to dust we must return.





( based on an old folk tale)


The stars at night,

Just light peeping through

The holes in the fabric

Of the huge curtain

Hanging in front of the sun.


The stars at night

Created by moths

Chewing the holes

In the huge curtain

Hanging in front of the sun.




A STAR’S COLOGNE – Akan Odon  


Heads turned as she walked into the crowded bar

While I gazed at this immaculate princess from afar,

As if under a spell, I felt weightless from her charm

She ravaged my entire admiration but left no harm.


Who is this beautiful thing? I wondered with mouth agape,

A dazzling dame with the most gorgeous of shape

Like the creator had spent more time on this one

to make her radiate the glory of the morning sun.


Illuminating the teeming room with her wonder smile

That being there that night was definitely worth a while,

Flicking her silky hair in the most appealing fashion

I was transfixed and watched it as if in a slow motion.


Soon a friend tapped me on the shoulder as I stared

Bringing me back to earth from her lure ensnared,

‘Her name is Star’ he whispered as he walked by

By now my emotions were running wild and high.


I wondered if this lovely angel had missed her way

or if she had paid earth an urgent visit just to convey

to mortals the indescribable message of priceless beauty

that we may appreciate exquisiteness much more fully.


If that was the case, time wasn’t within my reach.

Quickly, I started making up a most convincing speech

to express the solemn appreciation of her pleasantness

with ordered poetic oration that I might her impress


I wiggled through the press of crowded mortal frames

Wondering which best way to tell her my name,

‘Hi princess, you got a smile that stops every blink’

‘My name is Passionate. Please may I buy you a drink?’


As I lifted my eyes upward, her face to behold

The strangest occurrence ever, before me unfold,

The jewel of my total admiration was not in sight

It broke my fragile heart and squashed up my delight.


I stood speechless wondering where she had gone

Or was it my imagination from many years withdrawn?

But soon I realised that my thoughts weren’t up blown

For she had left the smell of a Star’s Cologne.