LUTON POETRY SOCIETY - "Bringing Poetry To Life"

Founder - Mary Emeji (Luton Poet Laureate)

Christmas Poems written by our members in 2011



Christmas stars are shinning bright

Lighting up the streets we see,

For tonight, the infant king of light

A saviour is born for you and me.


Clothed in majesty yet unseen,

The babe of Bethlehem wrapped in a shawl

Radiates new hope and joyful gleam

To all mankind - the divine call.


The angels chant with holy thrill:

“Glory to God in the highest heavens,

Peace on earth to men of goodwill.”

And every gloomy heart enlivens.


God has visited our world at last

Our creator, father, brother and friend,

As foretold by prophets in the past.

Oh come, let us to his crib attend.


Christmas stars, Christmas stars

Are but a glimpse of the divine light

From God’s throne, through earthly altars -

Illuminating our hearts with wondrous sight!








In the air up Oxford street the Christmas boxes swing:

The time of year for all to pass happy hours shopping.

To think of others, especially family and what they wish-

A useful present, some wondrous tale, a porcelain dish.


The cold chill, people wrapped in scarves and furs;

The big red buses, taxis, bicycles, the odd Rolls purs;

The bustle and hustle, each second counts

As Christmas tension and excitement mounts.


Children ask “Will Santa come again this year? With presents?

What about the three wise men with gold and frankincense?”

What mysteries from the East will they bring?

What tales of magic, astrology and wandering?


They find by the marvellous light which shines in the sky.

The holy and lowly place, the stable, where angels fly

And lo! Behold! The baby child is held in His mother’s arms:

An aura of golden warmth radiates her shining face so calm.


How can God descend so low to human form?

In this simple way to fulfil humankind’s every norm

To show that human love is truly pure and divine

And fills the world with His glory and heavenly chime.



C H R I S T M A S - Theresa Rhodes


C hildren Laughing
H appy Faces
R inging Bells
I cy Spells
S anta's coming
M other's loving
A ngels above
S ing Christ in the Manger is laying.   






Frosty roads and white hills

Dried-up trees and chilly winds

Ice pellets or heavy snowfall:

I know that Christmas yet again calls.


The most celebrated season worldwide,

Travellers hurry home in a stride:

A season of love and unity of family,

All come together and make merry.


The Christmas tree is alight with gifts beneath,

Symbolising the true gift that God bequeaths

Upon mankind - yet we must share

With one another, both far and near.


Yes, the perfect gift this Christmas

Received through prayer and the Holy Mass

Is Jesus Christ deep in our hearts:

His love to embrace, never to part.






(Dedicated to Mary Emeji)


We come upon the season of peace on earth

And goodwill to all men and women.

This year we may need a nudge and reminder

Not as subtle as a moving star in the sky to the east.

Christian charity appears tired and forgotten

As relatives abroad or a bedraggled kitten.

The worries of life risk to trick us into a hole

To pay our rent, to heat our room, keep our jobs

To buy a coat, eat a meal or to keep on a light.

We face the longest and darkest time of the year,

Encouraging loneliness and greatest fears.

Another month of budget cuts and money tight,

Yet miraculously there’s a glint of brightness.

We experience a wish to meet with family and friends,

Remind we still think of them in this life’s fight.

In thoughts and hearts like a fire in the grate,

In hope and joy like that new baby born that day,

To thank strangers for acts of kindness and care,

To discover solidarity and community once more,

Even like a lost coin in the crack of the pavement.

The idea of love and redemption falls upon us

With the thread of a sunset as we wait for a bus,

Like the train that transports us back to our home,

The taste of cream and brandy added to the pudding,

When we realise the power and will of true giving.

The Christmas spirit is so easy to overlook

When we are tired, feeling distracted or distressed,

Winter biting at our mind as well as our fingers,

Haunted by bad news, horrors and disasters

That seems the fate of everyone in this world.

But whatever has fallen we endeavour to gather,

Trying to smile, to raise glasses in a toast to each other,

Appreciating our beloved when we’re all together,

To warm sounds of laughter, carols and the ringing of bells.

So the true spirit of Christmas returns to find us.