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 THE ISLAND (2019 - GlintingBlue Press)


Mary celebrates her 10th year as an Author with the release of her eighth poetry collection The Island, containing exactly 100 pages!

Inspired by Praia da Rocha (Rock Beach) in Algarve, Portugal, where Mary celebrated her birthday, the reader will draw strength and beauty from The Island.

This book is dense and intense like the seashores and the sea. It's revealing yet obscuring, securing yet overflowing, very tranquil and yet boisterous! You find a poet’s heart hidden in an island of secrets. Happy are they that find the island. Happier, if they reach the island despite the boisterous ocean waves surrounding it.

Can you find the island?

Mary’s recent adventures to Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Switzerland are reflected in the poems, alongside picturesque holiday photos.

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No one loves holidays in desert land.

Why? They love to come to the island

Where trees and seas meet for breakfast 

And the sun and wind embrace you fast. 


There will be some things to let go off,

Some people to leave behind in love. 

The heart alone with the mind at rest

Could solve a million puzzling quest.


So I leave the seashores and sail away

Far away to the island on summer’s day.

My bare feet in the sand, I’ll dance again

And learn from previous loss and gain. 


Deep in my heart and in my mind,

There lies the island of its own kind. 

My happy space brings joy to my face. 

My happy space is my happy place. 






Portugal, how gorgeous you are!

Your seas are flowing from afar.

Portimão, how lively and green

With gigantic rocks and beaches clean.


I love it here where I sit and stare

At the endless sea flowing so near.

Your waves are strong yet supple to feel,

You caress my feet with love so real.


I take a long walk on Praia da Rocha

The ‘Rock Beach’ has won me over!

The sun is here glittering on the sea.

The rocks and cliffs bestow much glee!


It’s my birthday week, four days to go.

How pulchritudinous to feel the sea flow!

The water from the marina meets the sea

And all together you dazzle me!!!






Today I went for a cruise on the sea,

She splashed her waves all over me.

How charming to feel her very close!

She bumped the boat when feelings arose. 


She’s got a heart and I could tell

She was happy to hear my joyous yell

“Woohoo!” in the yellow speed boat.

My friend the Sea kept me afloat!


I went through gigantic rocks into caves.

God is faithful, He always saves!

The best of the caves was Benagil:

Inside, it felt beautiful and still. 


Deserta Island and Praia da Marinha

Were part of my cruise from Praia da Rocha. 

I’m enjoying my stay here in the Algarve.

My birthday draws near, filled with love. 






I’m standing on low rocks with sea weed green

Gazing at the glinting blue sea within. 

She’s vast and endless yet she flows to me

Caressing my feet with love truly. 


I walked from Rocha to Praia do Vau,

Passed through Castelos and Praia do Alemão. 

I felt the trees waving to me with joy.

The water fountain and birds singing, I enjoy. 


High cliffs and huge rocks are magnificent sights

To behold on the sea when nature comes alight. 

I love the island, the fresh wind and quietness 

Of lively solitude bring me true happiness. 


It’s magical and miraculous to feel life in them:

The seas, the rocks and trees with stem. 

We are all connected underneath the sun. 

Come join me on the beautiful island of fun.





MY FRIEND THE SUN (2016 - GlintingBlue Press)


A tribute to the Sun in bright, warm poems that elevate and scintillate. The Sun shines through every page shedding new light on dark situations and giving energy to the weary mind. There is sunshine on magical gardens, a date with the Sun at Luton's Stockwood Park, the breeze of flowers confetti, and glistening sunshine that dispels gloom. Sunshine to enlighten and enliven, to nourish and flourish, to daze and amaze, to dazzle and bedazzle. These heartfelt poems well-accompanied by lustrous paintings create an enchanting luminosity that lingers way after the book closes...and the dreams begin!





From various angles,

Various towns,

We see the sun

Shining down.


We do not search

Or seek her shine.

She finds us anywhere

At her time.


Through many lives

And generations,

She lights and warms

All God's creation.


We need not crave

To see the light,

When all around

Is already bright.





See the light.

Feel delight.

At peace with sight,

Increased in might.


Come alight

On gardens bright,

For dim is fright

When all feels right.


The birds of night

Have gone in flight,

And you’re on height

To new sunlight.





You dazzle me. Oh you dazzle me!

You make so bright the things I see.

I gaze on you, you’re smiling back,

You leave me a blinding sunny patch.


Sun-struck by you, I mope around

Can’t see a thing from sky to ground,

Without the patch of your jealous love

Duly stamped on them thereof!


I close my eyes, you’re locked inside,

My heart starts to glow like it’s yuletide.

My skin so warm from midday romance

Where memories of rain don’t stand a chance!


To see your light everywhere I go

To feel your warmth when it starts to snow,

My friend, my Sun, is a pact we make.

You’ll preserve me when seasons quake.





As sure as daylight is to come,

As sure the sunset dawns.

For after light, is darkness told

And light in darkness glows.


One day, one night, a steady count

Each in proportioned amount.

Beneath the sun and moon and stars,

There’s pleasure and pain and scars.


From centuries past to those ahead,

The same song has been heard

That never in time did life supply

Just day or just the night.


So when it’s day, make merry and hay

And at night, do sleep and pray.

Oh pray and trust and worry for none

For the day is sure to come!






 PULCHRITUDE (2014 - GlintingBlue Press)

 [Received a Royal Acknowledgement from Her Majesty in 2014]



An in-depth look at life, nature, the world around us...and our perception of these. Look again, and be swayed in the beauty of so many things we overlook. Life is beauty, life is truth.

 "Inspired writing needs little praise but these are poems of coherence and perception, which show an understanding of life and faith. Mary's dynamic approach to life breathes through every line and artwork, and there is a cordial generosity in her appraisal of the rich tapestry of homespun life. She even takes us on a 'galaxy walk'."

---Alan Rainer, Poet, Editor


In this book, you will find...



 To see the unseen in what is seen

Brings to light the will for joy serene.

Oh capture now the wind that blows

And breathe anew wherever it goes!



 I hear the humming birds at dawn

Fluttering around the quiet sun

Peeping through my wakeful mind.



Out here:

I feel the crispy summer wind

Hugging me like angel's wings,

As I recline on the black convex chair

Overlooking St. Georges' Square.



 The flower gardens clothed in beauty,

Verily at rest from their pictorial duty

Could tell their first admirer is awake.

When earth is still at early hours,

In sunlit rays or blustery showers,

Your grace is all I long to take.



 Something about the way it echoed:

Silently soft, passionately deep,

The strings of a viola causing to be told

A million secrets that words may keep.



 It’s immense, immense like the sea

That goes without destiny

And stays here in my soul,

Es inmenso, es inmenso!


...And everything beautiful and true!





FUNDAMENTALITY (2013 - GlintingBlue Press)

 [Received a Royal Acknowledgement from Her Majesty in 2014]



In a constantly busy, frequently changing and glaringly ambiguous world, Fundamentality draws you to that which you are made of - the pure, simple, sufficient, unadulterated YOU, standing tall through many tides.

“The voice of Mary Emeji is one of the authentic poet. This authenticity of who and what we are and the beautiful spaces in between of just simply being, envelops the reader like a gentle stream and also like a cascading waterfall. Mary’s new collection of poems Fundamentality explores our essential self; it unveils the essential us, the other us, not defined by objects of desire and the perpetual power of attainment, but realised by being our true self.”

---Hilda Morley, Poet

"This book is simply astonishing! With beautifully arranged words, Mary made sure they convey messages to any one who reads the poems. I'm excited and marvel at the richness and originality of the poems: this portrays a ready positively occupied mind that is happy to contribute to her world! I have become attached to some poems already which I'm making songs out of. Well done Mary and continue with the excellent work."

~~Omar Jean, Singer, Song-writer






 When you wake up in the morning

With no thought on your mind,

You are simply you -

The best you can find.

You can start to worry

And all your cares remind,

Or you can get to work

Whilst in your heart unwind;

For all that’s best of everything

Begins from your mind...







You haven't got forever

To sail adrift on a river,

Tossed around by cunning waves,

Breathless winds and sunny haze,

Before you find a finite base.

For the watercourse drains at dawn
Into watered plants or pits forlorn:

Nourishing the image that you attained

Or soaking the fears that you detained;

To find your true self is battle won!


The road is long, but time is brief

And the course of life is a folding sheaf.

The rivers may soar and seasons uncoil

But whilst you toil on fleeting soil,

Keep intact your fundamentality.






You are what you are.

You are who you are.

The latter seeming straight,

The former tied in bait--


Waiting and working,

Striving and puzzling,

Reaching for perfection

Or falling to dejection;


And the latter realising

That the crux of existing

Lies not in the time gage

Of trophies won in sage,


But in the silent symphony

Of work and rest in harmony.

So relax, breathe

And simply be.





TIMELESS DATE (2012 - GlintingBlue Press)

 [Received a Royal Acknowledgement from Her Majesty in 2012]

Mary's fourth book of poems co-written with the great William Shakespeare!

Witness a time travel in words, as Mary connects her poems with William's in a timeless friendship spanning across four centuries......beneath the ageless sky.

Written in both old and new English.

Get into the mind of William, through the mind of Mary (his mother's namesake).



Incredibly separated by time, undeniably united in rhyme, William and Mary walk in words, beneath the ageless sky…




Wert that I could flip through the pages of time

Back and forth, choosing only thine and mine,

Across a million seasons beneath the self-same sky

That binds page to page, less far than nigh.

Permit my then, by thy will, my Will,

To walk with thee in mind and ink until

All age couldst stand still but for a moment

Whereforth I meet thee, beyond a sonnet.


O wouldst I breathe the very air thou breathest,

And feel those emotions that thou doth feelest;

Hand-in-hand, walking beneath the timeless sun

Brighter still than a poem or song.


If earth were mine, and time wert thine

We’d meet and write a perfect rhyme.








ROYAL LUMINOSITY (2011 - United Press)

 [Received a Royal Acknowledgement from Her Majesty in 2011]

Co-published with Poet Alan Rainer, and dedicated to the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (29th April 2011). This collection of poems reflects the themes of royal love, marriage, happiness, contemplation and the deep realities of life. This book received a Royal Acknowledgment from Her Majesty The Queen of England in 2011.



ROYAL SIMPLICITY (For Prince William and Kate)


O princess, fair and sweet

Walking smoothly down the street,

Without a maid to tend her hair:

Perfect beauty shines through the soul.

Green fields and flowers hug her silky toe,

Her tender voice is silence of air.


The handsome prince spots a dazzling star

And hurries to the countryside afar

In search of a secret wonderland:

Where fairies encircle the morning sun,

And birds give the wind a simple song,

Where royals and peasants walk hand-in-hand.


Beneath the altitude of sunset upon hills,

Near a crystal fountain that gushes love thrills,

The prince kneels before the gracious princess:

Her eyes glow as she pats his blushing cheek,

With a timeless embrace - tender and sleek,

Deep affection springs through their quintessence.


A new river flows within the palace walls

As the prince and princess wed in summer falls.

The young love that streamed through their youth

Is consummated in a royal wedding of the century.

This lovely couple that value humility above luxury,

Are set to be king and queen, in royal simplicity!





Take a look at my life's story

Of realities and no folly,

You’ll see a mysterious wonder

Wrapped in the bouquet yonder.


Behold the echelon of my existence

Streaming through the waterfalls of silence,

You’ll see peaceful flowering

Amidst the deserted gardening.


The vibrant fortitude of my youth

Led to the path of beauty and truth.

As I seek true wisdom in my intellect,

The angel of my spirit reflects.


She shows me a new view in my life’s mirror

That paints every path with a mysterious colour.

The small voice within speaks the diction

Of perfection in dejection, and rejection.


So today, I thread upon hills and valleys

Garnished with prickly weeds, and lilies.

And when it seems I’m drowning in the ocean tide,

The angel tells me I’m so alive!


 You may see me perfect, or curtailed in my skin.

I could stand today or fall to pieces within.

But the angel in me is the light that transcends

The faults and befuddlements of my human trend!





THE LOVE OF GOD (2010 - ShieldCrest Publishers)


A collection of inspirational poems on God’s love for all mankind; love so strong, ever constant and infinitely vast. Filled with spiritual inspiration, this book portrays the immense joy and peace that flow from divine friendship with God; a much needed solace amidst the troubles and uncertainties of this present life. This book is filled with words of vibrant faith; reflecting Mary’s spiritual beliefs and her roles as a Lay Reader and Eucharistic Minister in ‘Our Lady, Help of Christians Church’ (Luton). The book received a foreword from Bishop Peter Doyle, Catholic Bishop of Northampton diocese.





Christ my love, what can I say?

Your presence is all I need today.

You have proved your love in so many ways;

Your grace outshines in my life with its rays.

Every time I kneel down to pray,

I remember the price you had to pay:

The great sacrifice, which my sins often betray,

Yet you never stop loving me, even for a day.

You give me mercy as I promise to stay

In the path of your righteousness, never to stray.

Your Holy Spirit helps me as I strive on this pathway;

Yes, you’re my strength - you never leave me halfway!

In any situation when I’m in doubt or dismay,

You always encourage me not to give up in disarray;

I know my efforts will pay off someway,

Simply because you hear my prayers everyday.

Oh Christ my love, my joy, how I sway

In the bounty of your love that takes my pain away.

Your inexplicable peace fills my heart - I can hardly relay;

I’m sure your grace will lift me up to your throne someday!






I sit in solitude,

I feel the quietude

Deep within my heart.

There is a pause of stillness

As my mind grasps

A moment of rest:

Relaxing every nerve,

Calming the senses to verve.


I close my eyes softly:

I levitate above all anxiety,

Averting all distractions,

Clearing the whole mind;

I engross in the new atmosphere

Of indescribable serenity,

Engulfing every component

Of my innermost sentiment.


Like the soft notes of a piano

Playing by the quiet sea in alto,

A gust of cool, gentle breeze

Vivifying my sensory neurons--

Enlivening my skin deeply.

Perfect relaxation of mind.

A virtual, total elevation

To the realm of meditation.


A silent moment of retreat:

No sound but my heartbeat.

My whole being is at rest,

My quintessence is tranquil,

Mind, body, spirit - all is calm;

Refreshing, revitalising,

A glimpse of heaven, I see.

That is true peace.






THE BOND OF LOVE (2009 - ShieldCrest Publishers)



A collection of poems on love, friendship and commitment; shedding light on the feelings, happiness, and challenges of true love. Bursting with romantic vibes, these poems would tug at the reader’s heartstrings, as they drift off to the realm of affection.




It’s the way you look at me

Eyes filled with love, thrill and trust,
It’s the way you stare at me
With charming eyes that mesmerize me.
That’s why I love you

It’s the way you smile at me

So exhilarated by my presence,
It’s the way you laugh at me
So amused by my blatant shyness.
That’s why I love you.

It’s the way you hold my hand,

Like a treasure you don’t want to loose.
It’s the way you hug me,
Like a blessing you want to feel.
That’s why I love you.

It’s the way you talk to me:

Astute speeches that motivate my intellect.
It’s the way you sing to me,
With melodious voice that captivates my heart.
That’s why I love you.

It’s the poems you write to me -

The well composed words of love and passion,
It’s the gentle whispers of “I love you”
That softly permeate into the depth of my heart,
That’s why I’ll always love you!


Sing me the song of love

With the purest feelings in your heart,
So it sweetly soothes my every sense
And refreshes the depth of my quintessence.

Play me the tune of love

On the melodious strings of your heart’s guitar,
So it captivates me in amorous ecstasy,
And titivates me to a smile of fancy.

Write me the poem of love

With skilfully rhyming words of loving emotion,
So it enchants my intellect with affectionate pleasure,
And every word my heart would treasure.

Let’s dance the dance of love:

Swaying effortlessly on the realm of passion -
With eyes fixed on each other, arms clutched together,
Feeling the deepest love and dancing forever!










A GATHERING OF MINDS (United Press - 2012)




The National  Poetry Anthology for 2012, with over 200 poems short-listed in the competition. Published by United Press, the poems create a good variety of themes - a true gathering of minds, including Mary's.

To buy a copy, please email or pick up one during our meetings or at Mary's events (view diary). Cost: £14.99 per copy.






When in my fantasy

I lay beside flowing waters,

I awake to the reality

Of gluttonous desires:


Where everyone strives

For overt superiority -

A facade of perfection

Lacking credulity,


Where normal is abnormal,

Unheard of is humility:

One race, one tedious goal

To be celebrity;


Yet the fundamentality

Of all that is in existence

Depend on the simplicity

Of pure water.

(c) Mary Emeji 2012







I BELIEVE (United Press - 2013)




Food for the soul and mind. A collection of over 200 spiritual poems (including Mary's) that make you stop and think of the divine. Life is so much more than what we can see, do you believe? 

To buy a copy, please email or pick up one during our meetings or at Mary's events (view diary). Cost: £15.99 per copy.







I love the great declaration

That there is now no condemnation

For those who are in Christ Jesus,

Through his Spirit within us


The myriad of trials may come,

Even then, will I blossom;

For his righteousness is my shield,

I will not to temptation yield.


Hither to this new found grace,

The law of sin had set the pace

For human perfection - which was impossible

Since the typical man is so fallible.


The precious blood of the Lamb was necessary

To justify us at the heavenly judiciary;

With great love, he embraced the painful death

That has ultimately paid off our debt.


So in thanksgiving, I praise the glorious God

Who reconciles us with himself in one accord,

And in gratefulness, I would strive to live

The life of Christ who died for me.


(Based on Romans 8:1 in the Holy Bible)

 (c) Mary Emeji 2012





TEN OF THE BEST (United Press - 2013)



A selection of the top ten poets of the year 2013 by United Press, featuring over 20 pages of poetry by Mary Emeji. A must have, if you'd like to know who the other top poets are!

To buy a copy, please email or pick up one during our meetings or at Mary's events (view diary). Cost: £15.99 per copy.






Something about the way it echoed

Silently soft, passionately deep:

The strings of a viola causing to be told

A million secrets that words may keep.


Utterly stunned by the classical rendition,

How I gazed on with serene wonderment;

The way it played – those notes of sensation

Were perfectly handled by a youthful talent.


He made the world still, without a word,

Like he was playing on many heartstrings,

And each sound echoed in silent accord:

Uplifting the mind on angel’s wings.


Now I wonder, how much needs saying?

For poet, I am, and that we do best--

But something about the viola playing

Was all I needed to figure out the rest.




SOLVER-LOVERS (The Anagrams)


A broken vase

Is one you cannot save,

And love once felt

Can't easily be left;

I come into the cafe

And see your face.

You never thought I could

Illuminate the cloud,

But I'm glad you saw

Just how happy I was,

And with a saddened rage,

You started off your gear.

Across a thousand miles,

Still I smile,

So you better listen

And for once be silent,

Because now

I have won!


(This poem rhymes in anagrams - that is two words that have exactly the same letters.)

 (c) Mary Emeji 2012



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