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"This book of poetry exemplifies the nature and spirit of the author, Mary Emeji. I had the privilege of teaching her in the course of her studies at the University of Bedfordshire. I remember her as an exemplary student whose interests and talents stretched well beyond the law which she was studying. She always said she had an interest in literature. Her creative nature was expressed by the red colour of the dye she used on her hair at one point. The poetry is beautiful and expressive of emotions experienced by us all. I look forward to seeing this book in print."


Sylvia Elwes

Senior lecturer -University of Bedfordshire





"In her first book ‘The Bond of Love’, Mary shares her deepest thoughts and feelings to captivate her reader into her religious way of seeing love and life. She does not treat these thematically which shows that they are more an outpouring of her emotions in verse and that is their strength: difficulties and wonders, with a young and fresh human sense of wonderment.

Mary explains the sense of despair in the poem ‘You Broke my heart’ and the struggle to reconciliation again. In ‘Love Poem’ she gives both sides of the lovers, they take you through the various steps of relationships with their many emotional experience with ‘the hope to marry each other’. In the poem ‘The Bond of Love’, she describes this bond as “a union of two hearts, the fusion of two minds, the junction of two beings in the perfect realm of affection”.

Her purely religious poems include ‘The Love of Christ’ which “On earth, above all affection, it prevails and in Heaven its perfection soon to unveil”. This reflects how her faith has grown since she was an Altar Server, and now she is 'convinced of God’s salvation'."




“I had the pleasure of reading Mary's book 'The Bond of Love'. This collection of poetry is moving and makes you appreciate that the fullness of Love should be through God. Love is beautiful and this collection is insightful. It uplifts you and is clearly a reflection of the author’s character.  Overall, an enjoyable read”.

Ngozi Fakeye,Poet, Editor of Motherland Magazine

(16th January 2012)




 [Presenting 'The Bond Of Love' to the Deputy Mayor of Luton Councillor Mohammed Farooq -

28th August  2010]













"I am delighted to be able to write in support of Mary Emeji who often attends St. Mary’s Parish Church, within the multi-cultural town of Luton. The poems contained in this book are written from the heart and express the heartbeat of God himself.  They show the stillness of God and the depth of His love, both of which are needed in this frantically busy and reckless world in which we live.  They convey the timeless message of God’s love and glory, grace and peace, forgiveness and reverence. May you the reader, be transported into His presence allowing the words of the verses to take root in your life."

Canon Nick Bell 

St. Mary’s Church, Luton, Bedfordshire




"Congratulations to Mary Emeji for the poetry in her book, 'The Love of
God'.  Her words are full of vibrant faith. I hope that Mary's poems
will raise readers' hearts in prayer and praise to the God who is love."

Right Reverend Peter Doyle
Bishop of Northampton

(19th January 2011)

[Presenting 'The Love Of God' to Bishop Peter Doyle - 12th November 2010]




"In Mary’s second book ‘The Love of God’, she reflects the Christian view of God as ‘all compassionate love’ and calls on humanity to embrace this saving grace of Jesus who lived a perfect life and died for us to fulfil the covenant with God. Her first poem reveals the illuminating ‘Light of God’ and in the second, she specifies that in Christ Jesus there is ‘no condemnation’ and that we are ‘saved by the precious blood of the Lamb’. In her poem ‘Mary, the Blessed Lady, she ends with the phrase “We simply need to love, and cherish, and honour her just as Jesus did”.

Her poems on Nature include ‘The Sky Beyond’ where she knows that in faith “lies heaven in eternity”. She has a poem to ‘The Divine Mercy’ and in the next, she says “Thank you, Jesus”. In her poem ‘The Circle of Love’, she acknowledges that through forgiveness for each other, “the Divine love sought by you and me will be complete.”

Mary has successfully started ‘The Luton Poetry Society’ and has organised several readings for many grateful poets who are members. She will bring greater understanding of the trials, emotions and joys of love to all by her inspired poetry."


Alan Rainer, Poet, Writer, Editor

Sunday, 8th January, 2012












"Mary Emeji and Alan Rainer are writers putting their skill with words to a good purpose. Their experiential poems seem creative of happiness and optimism. This book shows how gratefulness to God can unfold a fuller flow of love among us. In its honouring the Royal Wedding this year, we are reminded how expansive traditional patterns of life can be."

---Rev Hugh Hellicar, Poetry Editor











 “Mary has been inspired by the great master poet, playwright and dramatist, William Shakespeare, to write a thematic collection of poems which are varied, meaningful and with great promise.  It should result in a profitable, timeless relationship for them both.”

---Alan Rainer, Poet, Writer, Editor

(November 2012)











“The voice of Mary Emeji is one of the authentic poet. This authenticity of who and what we are and the beautiful spaces in between of just simply being, envelops the reader like a gentle stream and also like a cascading waterfall. Mary’s new collection of poems Fundamentality explores our essential self; it unveils the essential us, the other us, not defined by objects of desire and the perpetual power of attainment, but realised by being our true self. Continually discovering and rediscovering a new way of looking at the ordinary, the profound and the beautiful, Mary’s readings are delightful and full of promise.  Enigmatic and enchanting, Mary performance poetry always imparts something of Mary’s beautiful and spiritual self.  Poems such as Awakening, Juramento – the Promise, Who and What, All You Have and Finding You speak for themselves. My favourite is All You Have and I liken it to dusk to dawn, where the realisation of daylight is such a gradual process.

---Hilda Morley, Poet

(July 2013)



"This book is simply astonishing! With beautifully arranged words, Mary made sure they convey messages to any one who reads the poems. I'm excited and marvelled at the richness and originality of the poems: this portrays a ready positively occupied mind that is happy to contribute to her world! I have become attached to some poems already which I'm making songs out of. Well done Mary and continue with the excellent work."

---Omar Jean, Singer, Writer, Song-writer

(August 2013)





"Inspired writing needs little praise but these are poems of coherence and perception, which show an understanding of life and faith. Mary's dynamic approach to life breathes through every line and artwork, and there is a cordial generosity in her appraisal of the rich tapestry of homespun life. She even takes us on a galaxy walk." ---Alan Rainer, Poet, Editor


"Mary's love of life is perfectly served by her love of language." ---Richard Sisson, Pianist, Poet, and Manager of Luton Music Club





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