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Alan spent 40 years on the research and writing of this profound book of 203 pages!

A nation without a vision, or a person without a vision is lost. Alan’s book on the pilgrimage of life from Adam and Eve in Heaven , ending in Heaven, gives hope and cheer. God’s purpose for everyone and every living thing gives meaning to life and a mission. Alan has lived the four World Religions, Abrahamic and Hindu/Vedic from the advice of Fr. Bede Griffiths for 18 years and gives a vivid history of the wars, famines and disasters of world history through the entangled web of World religions and non-belief systems.

As a Religious education and Maths teacher he gives the spiritual dimension in the education system a fundamental importance and the requirement to teach the religions impartially and with care to build community. His theme is a family of families. There is a necessity to learn the original languages for understanding the scriptures and teachings of each religious group and its culture. The sacredness of marriage from one generation to another. The need for a wholistic education for each child, not just through family and school but different organisations through life to encourage the arts, sciences and practical philosophical approach to life.

His work with ecumenical and interfaith organisations, including the World Congress of Faiths, and his International delegation experience with the Dwight Eisenhower Foundation, the Church Education Movement and the American Academy of Religion has broadened his experience internationally.

This book is timely in our broken mixed society and a cheap and sure ticket to everlasting life in heaven.

~~Alan Rainer

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