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Mary celebrates her 10th year as an Author with the release of her eighth poetry collection The Island, containing exactly 100 pages!

Inspired by Praia da Rocha (Rock Beach) in Algarve, Portugal, where Mary celebrated her birthday, the reader will draw strength and beauty from The Island.

This book is dense and intense like the seashores and the sea. It's revealing yet obscuring, securing yet overflowing, very tranquil and yet boisterous! You find a poet’s heart hidden in an island of secrets. Happy are they that find the island. Happier, if they reach the island despite the boisterous ocean waves surrounding it.

Can you find the island?

Mary’s recent adventures to Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Switzerland are reflected in the poems, alongside picturesque holiday photos.

Sneak peak....


Portugal, how gorgeous you are!

Your seas are flowing from afar.

Portimão, how lively and green

With gigantic rocks and beaches clean.

I love it here where I sit and stare

At the endless sea flowing so near.

Your waves are strong yet supple to feel,

You caress my feet with love so real.

I take a long walk on Praia da Rocha

The ‘Rock Beach’ has won me over!

The sun is here glittering on the sea.

The rocks and cliffs bestow much glee!

It’s my birthday week, four days to go.

How pulchritudinous to feel the sea flow!

The water from the marina meets the sea

And all together you dazzle me!!!

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