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PULCHRITUDE (2014) by Mary Emeji


An in-depth look at life, nature, the world around us...and our perception of these. Look again, and be swayed in the beauty of so many things we overlook. Life is beauty, life is truth.

"Inspired writing needs little praise but these are poems of coherence and perception, which show an understanding of life and faith. Mary's dynamic approach to life breathes through every line and artwork, and there is a cordial generosity in her appraisal of the rich tapestry of homespun life. She even takes us on a 'galaxy walk'." ---Alan Rainer, Poet, Editor

In this book, you will find...


 To see the unseen in what is seen

Brings to light the will for joy serene.

Oh capture now the wind that blows

And breathe anew wherever it goes!



 I hear the humming birds at dawn

Fluttering around the quiet sun

Peeping through my wakeful mind.



Out here:

I feel the crispy summer wind

Hugging me like angel's wings,

As I recline on the black convex chair

Overlooking St. Georges' Square.



 The flower gardens clothed in beauty,

Verily at rest from their pictorial duty

Could tell their first admirer is awake.

When earth is still at early hours,

In sunlit rays or blustery showers,

Your grace is all I long to take.


Something about the way it echoed:

Silently soft, passionately deep,

The strings of a viola causing to be told

A million secrets that words may keep.



  It’s immense, immense like the sea

That goes without destiny

And stays here in my soul,

Es inmenso, es inmenso!

...And everything beautiful and true!

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