LUTON POETRY SOCIETY - "Bringing Poetry To Life"

Founder - Mary Emeji (Luton Poet Laureate)

             UPCOMING EVENTS IN 2016

 Our meetings are in two parts:

First part is on the chosen theme (listed below) and

Second part is on general theme.

You can perform your own poems and poems written by other poets!

Entry fee - £4 per person, always free for members. Why not join us?


(For past events and photos in 2016, please scroll down!)



Saturday 17th December 2016 - LUTON CENTRAL LIBRARY

Christmas Poetry Party!

Featuring Christmas poems, singing of carols, piano music, cake, and gifts for members.

First Floor, 2.00pm to 4.00pm








Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm

  "New Year Resolution"


An afternoon of poetry recitals on the theme of New Year and beautiful piano music to souse creative minds. A new year sharing game resulted in each poet randomly picking up paper with a 'word' predicting their new year. All were happy words which some poets admitted were rather what they wished for in the new year. Fancy some more magic? Join us for upcoming Valentine poetry next month! :)


Attendance: 10
Performing Poets: 9
Mary Emeji, Doreen Steinberg, Sue Martin, Brian McDonnell, James Henry, Joan Mackinnon, Francis McDonnell, Anne Pasicznyk and Marysia Gora. 







Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm



Our annual celebration of Valentine poetry was nicely garnished by a special guest - the Mayor of Luton Cllr. Dave Taylor! This featured a handful of love poems, valentine trivia quiz and a magical valentine game to set hearts on fire! The Mayor was well impressed, he even got a chain of hearts, a copy of Mary's book 'The Bond of Love' and a special poem written by Theresa Gazard 'I wish to be the Mayor'. If you missed all the fun, join us again next year!!


Attendance: 17
Performing Poets: 14
Alan Rainer, Theresa Gazard, Mary Emeji, Francis McDonnell, J.S. Watts, Sue Martin, Doreen Steinberg, Brian McDonnell, Sue Blain, James Henry, Aina Taurina, Joan Mackinnon,  Anne Pasicznyk and Richard Sisson. 





Mary's book 'The Bond of Love' and a chain of hearts for the Mayor!








Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm


  "Favourite Book"

We all have them, the one book you will never give away. Poets spent the afternoon reading and discussing poems from their all time 'favourite book'.
We played a unique game called 'alter-favourite' as follows:
You randomly pick a member's name
He/she will chose a page number from your favourite book
You then read the poem on that page and dedicate it to him/her
This now makes your favourite book his/her 'alter-favourite' (the other favourite).
Strangely, one of our poets admitted that the poem dedicated to her was infact the poem that inspired her to become a poet many years ago! I always knew these games had powers in them...... :)


Attendance: 8
Performing Poets: 8
Mary Emeji, Francis McDonnell, Theresa Gazard, Gillian Pestell, James Henry, Theresa Rhodes, Brian McDonnell, and Anne Pasicznyk.



Although this happens when you try to take away our favourite books....




Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm


  "Happy 452nd Birthday, William Shakespeare!"

We celebrated the Legendary Bard in style, with recital of his sonnets/ plays, singing of "O Mistress Mine" by guitarist James Hart, and two special cakes! Some of us wrote poems inspired by the Bard. William is the timeless poet who lives forever in many hearts. We wish him many more centuries to come!
Attendance: 18
Performing Poets:15
Alan Rainer, Mary Emeji, Francis McDonnell, Theresa Rhodes, Gillian Pestell, James Henry, Joan Mackinnon, Frank Ohorain, Anne Pasicznyk, Sue Martin, Craig Donohoe, Doreen Steinberg, Aina Taurina, Noreen Kellett and John Ayodeji. 



 William and His Mary, and the book they wrote together  'TIMELESS DATE'

 Prosecco for the Bard? Yes please!!





Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm


  "Mind, Body, Spirit"

A group of poets became virtual scientists and pyschologists delving into the very quintessence of man by creating and reciting poems about 'mind, body and spirit'. We learnt from each other about how vital it is to take care of one's spiritual, intellectual and physical realms of existence, and to keep drawing on inspiration and knowledge that enhance who we are. Also planning our 5th birthday and Creme La Poem outing --in English 'cream on poetry'!
Attendance: 16
Performing Poets:13
Francis McDonnell, Theresa Gazard, Mary Emeji, Gillian Pestell, Syed Abedin, Doreen Steinberg, Richard Sisson, J.S. Watts, Alan Rainer, James Henry, Anne Pasicznyk, Noreen Kellett, and Eniko Pop.








Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm


  "LPS 5th Birthday, theme - Sale/Shopping"

A wonderful celebration of Luton Poetry Society's 5th Birthday! Poetry recitals were on the theme of Sale/ Shopping as well as marvellous poems written by members about our poetry family! Cakes, nibbles and drinks were fundamental. We were visited by international Clavichordist  Hansruedi Zeder and Poet Ulrich Suter whose wonderful performance took us dancing in Italy - mentally!
Attendance: 13
Performers: 11
Mary Emeji, Francis McDonnell, Doreen Steinberg, Alan Rainer, Brian McDonnell, Theresa Gazard, John Ayodeji, Stefanie Waterton, Jonathan Parris, Ulrich Suter and Hansruedi Zeder (clavichordist). 


Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm



Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Our warm poetry will scintillate.
Rough winds do shake all stress away
When Luton poets in rhyme communicate!
Attendance: 16
 Performers: 17
Sue Martin, Anne Pasicznyk, Joan Mackinnon, Mary Emeji, Francis McDonnell, Theresa Rhodes, Doreen Steinberg, Alan Rainer, Gillian Pestell, James Henry, Samantha Newbury, Brian McDonnell, Theresa Gazard, John Ayodeji, Stefanie Waterton, Terri Kiddy.
 Meet Mary's new book 'MY FRIEND THE SUN'


Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm



In the virtual tardis of Doctor Who (played by Mary), the audience were transported (with Doctor Who soundtrack) to centuries past to meet historical poets performed by our poets! A very informative and dramatic day, digging deep into history and how poetry came to be!

Attendance: 11

Francis McDonnell as SIR JOHN BETJEMAN (1906 - 1984)
Mary Emeji as DOROTHY PARKER (1893 - 1967)
Isabel Casey as EMILY DICKINSON (1830 - 1886)
Alan Rainer as JOHN KEATS (1795 - 1821)
Sue Martin as CHRISTINA ROSSETTI (1830 - 1894)
Gillian Pestell as CHARLOTTE BRONTE (1816 - 1855)
 Brian McDonnell as RUDYARD KIPLING (1865 - 1936)
 Doctor Who!


Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm


  LUTON POETRY FESTIVAL, theme "Friends"

A festival of friends with Luton poets is a party of poems! There were lots of inspirational poetry about friends, read by friends to friends, ending up with.....dancing!!
Attendance: 11
Performing Poets: 9
James Henry, Mary Emeji, Brian McDonnell, Sue Martin, J.S. Watts, Alan Rainer, Samantha Newbury, Richard Sisson and Francis McDonnell.


Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm


  NATIONAL POETRY DAY, theme "Messages"

From the times of telegram, to post, email, and now Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, name it! Our poetry travelled through these centuries of messages. A message received can change everything!
Attendance: 14
Performing Poets: 12
J.S. Watts, Francis McDonnell, Mary Emeji, Theresa Gazard, James Henry, John Ayodeji, Doreen Steinberg, Brian McDonnell, Tene Edwards, Brian Oshea, David Oakley-Hill, and Lawrence Maxwell.
 We like biscuits :)





Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm


  "Icy Winter"

Although it hadn't snowed yet, our chilled poems were as icy as it gets! Mary recited her poem 'Musical Snow' inspired by Ludovico Einaudi's musical piece "I Giorni", accompanied by Ifor playing the piece on his piano.
Attendance: 16
Performing Poets:13
Sue Martin, Mary Emeji, Theresa Gazard, Brian McDonnell, Doreen Steinberg, Gillian Pestell, James Henry, Sue Blain, Theresa Rhodes, and Paul Rogers.





Luton Central Library (First Floor), Time: 2.00pm


  "Christmas Poetry Party"

A very merry party with poetry readings, carols singing, and refreshing classical music played by our pianist Ifor. Guitarist, singer song-writer James performed a special song composed from Mary's poem "Christmas Stars". Merry members in Christmas costumes also partook in grande Christmas raffle, and shared refreshments happily, and we had a special toast to Brian who released his debut book at the age of 90!!
Merry Christmas to our Luton town!!! 
Attendance: 18
Performing Poets and Musicians:13
Joan Mackinnon, Mary Emeji, Sue Martin, Brian McDonnell, Doreen Steinberg, John Ayodeji, Gillian Pestell, James Henry, Francis McDonnell, Theresa Rhodes, and Alan Rainer.
Pianist: Ifor Michael, Guitarist: James Hart.