LUTON POETRY SOCIETY - "Bringing Poetry To Life"

Founder - Mary Emeji (Luton Poet Laureate)


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PAST EVENTS IN 2015 - plus photos!



Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm

 "My Inspiration"

New year, new you, new things - but what inspires you? That's what Luton poets shared on the first meeting of the year. Like the flicker of light within, inspiration emits new perception on what is seen around us. That's why poets see beyond, and create what's unseen from what is seen. Now spend 2015 living by your inspiration or your muse as William Shakespeare called it.


Attendance: 18
Performing Poets: 11

Sue Blain, Francis McDonnell, Mary Emeji, Doreen Steinberg, Sue Martin, David Oakley-Hill, John Ayodeji, Theresa Rhodes, Richard Sisson, Brian McDonnell and Lawrence Maxwell.


A photo of Coffee after the event, at Luton's own Cookies n Cream :)








Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm

 "Happy Valentine!"

A very happy celebration, featuring Valentine poems, quiz and interactive games. Love in the air was even more ventilated by accompanying piano music and lots of chocolates!


Attendance: 18
Performing Poets: 12

Brian McDonnell, Mary Emeji, Doreen Steinberg, Joan Mackinnon, Sue Blain, Francis McDonnell, Sue Martin, Theresa Rhodes, Craig Donohoe, J.S. Watts, Kat Anderson and Angela Wilkinson.








Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm


We tackled the universal theme of Choices! Life is full of them, from the smallest dailies like 'Tea or Coffee?' to life changing decisions. In the end, our choices pivoted from earth to outer space by way of The Choice game....(extra-terrestrial poets is a beautiful thought). Indeed, a very interactive and informative day. Remember that the choice is up to You, you always have a choice and never regret the wrong choices but rather learn from them because they brought you to exactly where you are standing now! Make the most of Life. 


Attendance: 22
Performing Poets: 16

Sue Blain, Alan Rainer, Mary Emeji, Doreen Steinberg, Sue Martin, Joan Mackinnon, Samantha Newbury, John Ayodeji, Joy Simpson, Brian McDonnell, Theresa Rhodes, Richard Sisson, Theresa Gazard, Francis McDonnell, Edewede Oriwoh and David Oakley-Hill.









Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm

 "Happy 451'st Birthday, William Shakespeare!"

A few centuries gone, but his legacy lives forever! He's the poet of poets, the Bard of England and an invisible member of our group since we usually start our events with a poem from William Shakespeare on the chosen theme. Luton poets today performed his poems and sonnets in varied forms, as we drew upon his wit and wisdom. Mary's book 'Timeless Date' co-published with William didn't do badly in transporting listeners to a timeless realm where William meets Mary beyond a sonnet!
P.S. - our poet/ mathematician Francis worked out that 451 is the inverted number of 154 sonnets written by William. What a significant birthday!


Performing Poets: 11

Samantha Newbury, Mary Emeji, Doreen Steinberg,Francis McDonnell, Joan Mackinnon, Brian McDonnell, Helen Couldwell, Gwinyai Masaka, Gillian Pestell, James Henry, and yes - William Shakespeare!






<<<Mary and her Timeless love William>>

Photos on the board were produced by artist/ poet Aina Taurina








Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm



Happy to realise that the FIFA world cup final was on that evening and that Luton just had it's Sports festival the week before, we had a very active poetic afternoon! Beginning with cheerleading to Europe's Final Countdown music as a pre-sports warm up, we passed the ball to one another taking turns to perform intense, vivacious and competitive sports poems - including London 2012 Olympics and waving of flags! What better recovery after sports than reviving chocolates and refreshing piano music? Don't forget to drink lots of water!

Question: What is the greatest sport on earth?

Answer: The sport of the earth spinning on its own axis ;)


Attendance: 12
Performing Poets: 10

Mary Emeji, Gillian Pestell, Doreen Steinberg, J.S. Watts, Theresa Gazzard, Francis McDonnell, Sue Martin, Brian McDonnell, Morel Bemard and Aina Taurina.





Catch a ball....!!








Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm

 "Sorry, Please and Thank You"


Luton Poetry Society is 4 years old - and oh we had a wonderful celebration, reflecting on the words: Sorry, Please and Thank You. It's the usage, intonation and context that reveal the meaning of these words which can be said severally. Our celebration was even more garnished with a birthday cake and peaceful classical music by pianist Ifor, and Clavichord/ poetry duo by Ulrich and Zeder who visited from Switzerland! Many Happy Returns to LPS!!
Here's a trick....LPS with L inverted = TPS that is Thankyou, Please and Sorry! :)


Attendance: 15
Performing Poets: 9

Brian McDonnell, Samantha Newbury, Theresa Rhodes, Mary Emeji, Doreen Steinberg, Joy Simpson, James Henry, Aina Taurina, and Ed Cherry.

Guest Musicians: Ifor Michael (Piano), Ulrich Suter and Zeder Hansrvedi (Clavichord)


 Happy Group...

 Ulrich and Zeder...




Happy Founder Mary :)










Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm



Bright sunny poems on a warm summer's day....the weather was lovely and temperate! Yes, beginning with Shakespeare's verse and a summer dance by Luton poets, we had a warm-hearted afternoon, where flower gardens, trees, picnics, summer dressing and sea galls all came to play! Mary's poem 'Perception' was softly accompanied by Nigel Hess' classical piece 'Ladies in Lavender'.


Attendance: 18
Performing Poets: 16
Gillian Pestell, Alan Rainer, Mary Emeji, Doreen Steinberg, J.S. Watts, Sue Martin, Brian McDonnell, Theresa Rhodes, Joan Mackinnon, Francis McDonnell, Morel Bermard, Sue Blain, John Ayodeji, Samantha Newbury, Theresa Gazzard and John Newbury.





 And a lovely summer drink at Luton's finest WhiteHouse :)





Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm

  "Be A Poet - History Comes Alive"

Prominent poets from ages past up to the 19th century were seen popping out of Doctor Who’s Tardis, as we travelled back in time to meet them. Mary played the Doctor, searching for these poets with glittering torchlight whilst music from the Doctor Who’s theme enveloped the conference room. The imaginative scenery and somewhat poetry yoga transported attendees to a few past centuries, and our poets dressed up in historical style performed marvellously in today’s theatrical event. It was indeed very informative for our poets to research and represent the life and work of those historical poets who laid the foundations for us. Our lovely pianist was sure to garnish the event with classical music at intervals.

We do this every August, so if you’re aching to be part of such wonder, contact us next year to partake! New members are always welcome.


Attendance: 14

Performing Poets: 12
James Henry as Vergil, Mary Emeji as Lady Mary Chudleigh, Gillian Pestell as Sylvia Plath, Joan Mackinnon as Thomas Gray, Doreen Steinberg as Emily Bronte, Francis McDonnell as Anonymous, Sue Martin as Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Sue Blain as Thomas Wyatt, Norman Goodman as John Clare.
In the Second half of the meeting, poets in present time:
Syed Abedin, Brian McDonnell and Richard Sisson. Piano music by Ifor Michael.



Hello, I'm the Doctor!!!








Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm

  Luton Poetry Festival 2015, theme - "Dreams"


A festival of dreams filled with refreshing poems, guitar music, 'dream pot' where poets wrote and kept their dream in one word, and then Fairy Mary pops out to grant them! Clad in fairy costume, Mary granted a book wish to 'Go Green' poet David when she asked him "What is your favourite animal?" He said "Birds" and the book that Mary got him for last Christmas (late delivery) was entitled 'A life with birds". Truly magical as no prior conversation had occured about it!
Do you believe in dreams come true?!!!


Attendance: 14
Performing Poets: 13
Helen Couldwell, Alan Rainer, Doreen Steinberg, J.S. Watts, Frank Ohorain, Mary Emeji, Sue Martin, Brian McDonnell, James Henry, Samantha Newbury, David Oakley-Hill, Kat Anderson, and Richard Sisson.



 Blow some fairy dust!


Fairy grants a wish to Green Poet David (pre-guessing his favourite animal!)



Dreams come true!!!


Fairy Mary's job is done!!! Off to the sky!








Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm

  National Poetry Day theme 'Light'

With guest Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant for Bedfordshire HELLEN NELLIS


Poems of sun, sky, moon and stars flew in from the galaxy, electricity poem stemmed from earth whilst glittering sea/ seaside waved up! Lord-Lieutenant Helen Nellis was very pleased with our poems and reminded us that one candle lights a thousand more.She encouraged us to radiate light wherever we go by our talents. Classical music by pianist, two guitarists and a young violinist beautifully accompanied our poetry for the day - including Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata!

 Attendance: 20 

 Performing Poets: 11
James Henry, Mary Emeji, Gillian Pestell, Francis McDonnell, Theresa Rhodes, Sue Blain, Alan Rainer, Doreen Steinberg, Theresa Gazzard, Sue Martin, and David Oakley-Hill.
Musicians: James Hart (guitar), Eleanor Hart (violin), Ifor Michael (piano) and David Oakley-Hill (guitar).
[THERESA GAZZARD presenting a special poem 'The Secret' to the Lord-Lieutenant]
[MARY EMEJI presenting her book 'Royal Luminosity' to the Lord-Lieutenant]





Luton Central Library (Conference Room), Time: 2.00pm


Shorter days and chilly nights? Early mornings that need a bit more light? Luton poets enthusiastic with rhyme, delved into Winter time! A very lovely afternoon sharing winter poems, thoughts and some guitar music. Ready for Christmas? 
Attendance: 16
Performing Poets: 12
James Henry, Mary Emeji, Doreen Steinberg, Francis McDonnell, J.S. Watts, Sue Martin, Brian McDonnell, Joan Mackinnon, John Ayodeji, Samantha Newbury, Theresa Gazzard and David Oakley-Hill.


Luton Central Library (First Floor), Time: 2.00pm

 Christmas Poetry Party!

A very Christmassy afternoon featuring Christmas poems, singing of carols, cake and refreshments and a Grand Christmas raffle draw! Then Santa came down the chimney with gifts for everyone! Ho ho ho, merry Christmas Luton!!!

Attendance: 16
 Performing Poets:14
Joan Mackinnon, Alan Rainer, Mary Emeji, Gillian Pestell, Samantha Newbury, Doreen Steinberg, John Ayodeji, James Henry, Theresa Rhodes, Brian McDonnell, Sue Martin, Carl Curley, Pat Rollnick and Frank Ohorain.
Two Christmas cakes? They inspire poets!!
A very Mary Christmas :)